Iran unveils it’s Air Defense system amid rising tensions in Persian Gulf

Tehran’s military displayed a brand-new indigenous air defense missile system, capable of tracking and shooting down 6 targets at the same time. The weapon was rolled out amid growing tensions around the Persian Gulf.

Iran unveiled its new Air Defense  system “Khordad 15” on Sunday June the 9th 2019 in a ceremony in the presence of Iranian defence minister Amir Hatami in Tehran. Khordad 15 is equipped with long-range Sayyad 3 missiles, which are also made in Iran. Khordad (The Air Defense System) can shoot down enemy jets and combat drones at a range of 120 kilometers (75 miles appx). According to the defence minister of Iran the Air Defense has a capacity to detect the targets as far as 150 kilometres or 93 miles away. It can also detect stealth targets in 85 kilometres of area and system is capable of destroying them at a distance of 45 kilometres. The system has a capacity to trace and fire 6 Sayyad 3 missile at once to shoot down the enemy jets. Iranian Air Defense system is displayed amid of rising tensions in the Persian Gulf between USA and Iran. 

Notably in the first week of May 2019 USA sent out a fleet of aircraft carriers along with bombers in the Persian Gulf post Iranian threats. This fleet of warships was headed by USS Abraham Lincoln (CV-72) and still is present in Persian Gulf. USA is pressurising Iran to stop working on its nuclear programme and blocking the country to sell crude oil in international market which can slow down the economy and eventually may halt the programme.

The new Air Defense system may be a worry for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the 3rd largest buyer of military weapons in the world but Iran is developing most of the weapons within the country and hence putting itself ahead of Saudi Arabia in terms of being dependent on other nations, while spending much lesser. Earlier in February 2019 Iran successfully tested Hoveizeh cruise missile with a range of 1200 kilometres and accurate on target. Iran hoping to introduce Bavar-373 a remote missile system firing 4 missiles at a given point of time, later this year which will be able to shoot down F-35 and F-22 Raptor according to Iranian defence officials  

“Khordad 15” uses locally made missiles that resemble the HAWK missiles that the US once sold to the shah and later delivered to the Islamic Republic in the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.

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