Mahua Moitra threatens Zee News Editor Sudhir Chowdhary after getting caught over copied speech

Mahua Moitra new Darling of liberal intellectuals came into limelight after her speech in LokSabha earned plaudits in her fiery maiden speech she described how India is moving towards fascism. She described prevalent signs of fascism & criticised Narendra Modi Government.

The Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar, during the discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address Tuesday, said, “Only if you would open your eyes, you would see that there are signs everywhere, that this country is being torn apart.”

44 yrs old Mahua Moitra an investment banker turned politician, previously she worked in American multinational investment bank JP Morgan, Moitra quit her job in London in 2009 to enter the Indian political scene. She pursued higher education at Massachusetts Mount Holyoke College in the United States where she studied mathematics and economics.

She began her political career with a brief stint in the Congress in West Bengal, but she switched sides to the Mamata -led Trinamool Congress in 2010. Having served as TMC’s national spokesperson for several years, regular face of TV debates.

Her speech in Lok Sabha in which she categorically described how India is turning in to a Fascist country she used 6 points out of 12 from a poster of Holocaust Museum became controversial now.

In 31 jan 2017 Martin Longman write an article in Washington Monthly “The 12 early warning signs of Fascism” He criticised Trump in his article. Our very own RW Slayer Mahua simply replaced Modi with Trump & used 6 points to criticising Modi Government.

All the big guns in media (many of them used to write for international media regularly) ignored her copy paste job but She was bound to be caught & when Sudhir Chaudhary Zee exposed the truth behind her so called original maiden speech she simply get mad.


Next day Martin Longman tweeted that she didn’t stole his article & she isn’t a plagiarist, looks like he is more arrogant than Mahua.



Mahua use this tweet & claimed she didn’t stole the idea, although she clearly didn’t mention Martin Longman in her speech yet she & he both denied plagiarism !!!


She took the matter further by threatening Zee Media & it’s Anchor Sudhir Chaudhary with defamations suit.


She didn’t stop there, on Thursday Moitra moved a breach of privilege motion in the Lok Sabha against a private Hindi news channel and its Editor for reporting that her first speech in Parliament was plagiarised. Now this is the limit How far can someone go to prove he or she is not guilty of something they already did.

As you can see from this pic,  this woman mp when she was just a TMC leader was doing obscene gesture on national television to an eminent journalist .She is the same mp who is been hailed by liberal intellectuals for her maiden speech which was actually a copied one. You may disagree to a journo but if you can’t show decency while taking to a journalist how could u expect to work for common people. She is a serial offender and has a great disliking for journo who asks her tough questions

Is it really so hard for her to tell the truth for once that she forgot to mention Martin’s name in her speech if she does that the controversy would have ended by but she choose to bully Zee News & Sudhir Chaudhary, she started a media war with them & use Precious time of Parliament for her personal vendetta against the media house, her action can’t be justified now, Looks like she forgot She is MP & she forgot her duties towards people,acting like another bully of TMC. Looks like this war will not going to end soon Mahua have all the left liberal media supporting & backing her & Zee media also won’t be back off easily.


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